Audi TT Roadster 2.0: Topless Adrenaline Rush

When we first lay eyes on the Audi TT Coupe at the Singapore Motorshow last year, we were amazed at the sleekness and aesthetic appeal of the car. After all, Audi was known to tug at the very heartstrings of emotional appeal, with almost their whole range looking fantastically better than its competitors.

The TT Coupe made an impression in our hearts after a three day drive, and we wondered if it would be as exciting with the new TT Roadster this time round.

It didn’t disappoint.

Same but yet different


Less the retractable roof, the TT Roadster duplicates its looks from the Coupe variant, retaining its sharp edges and futuristic facade to the body. Audi’s four-ringed emblem sits proudly on the hood the same way its big brother R8 would have it, and it didn’t help too with our test car coming in sunshine yellow – the one sure way to attract more attention.


Inside, Audi’s state of the art technology impressed us yet again, with the perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. With minimal controls, you toggle the different features of this compact roadster on the dashboard, courtesy of Audi’s “Virtual Cockpit” navigation.

Refinement is top notch in the TT Roadster, similar to its Coupe brother (and the rest of its family line), with carefully stitched overlays and wrappings around the cockpit to ensure maximum satisfaction.

The difference here lies in the seating capacity – while the Coupe provides two rear seats (presumably for kids since even a teenager can’t get comfortable at the back), the Roadster provides only for two adults (the driver and his passenger).

Still as nimble and responsive as ever


The TT Roadster shares the same heart as the Coupe, putting out 230 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque from its 2-litre engine.

Similar to the Coupe, the Roadster doesn’t feel its weight – and we certainly did thought that Audi gave us a higher end model instead of its base variant. Acceleration was swift and immediate, with a 5.6 second figure sprint to the century mark.

But if you’re not too concerned with its 0-100 dash, you’d be pleased to note that the TT Roadster handles impressively well too, thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive quattro system. Power is swiftly and intelligently delivered to all four wheels depending on your drive mode and terrain fluctuations, allowing you to take tight corners at reasonably high speed and still remain grounded.

Gear changes are seamless on the six-speed dual clutch transmission mated to the engine plant, and the Roadster makes a rather comfortable cruise on the expressway, especially on its Comfort mode.

And not forgetting to mention, the Roadster still retains its fancy exhaust pops if you choose to push the car a little harder than usual.

So is this worth the S$250k price tag?


All cars are overpriced here. But noting that its Coupe variant costs only S$5,000 less than this, couples who enjoy topless runs with the night breeze through their hair might find this a more appealing option than the Coupe variant.

It satisfied the tech geek in us, provided the adrenaline rush when we pushed it on Dynamic mode, and allowed us to let our hair down and literally fly after a busy day at work.

What more can we say?


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