Audi RS6 Avant 4.0 TFSI quattro: With power and style

In tropical Singapore, it’s rather rare for us to see station wagons plying the roads. Perhaps it just isn’t in our culture or liking for sedans with an elongated boot, not to mention most wagons doesn’t look aesthetically appealing.

But Audi has recently proved that looks doesn’t really matter when it comes to making your station wagon “look good”. The new RS6 Avant brings “looking good” to a whole new level given its charm beneath its hood.

Just how does it fare? We took a drive in this ferocious wagon to find out.

More visually-appealing aesthetic changes 


Compared to its predecessor, the new RS6 Avant adopts a more aggressive look with its revised headlights. Audi has offered its new Matrix Beam LED assembly, compared to the older LED bulbs. Over at the rear, you’ll be pleased to note that the tail lamps are now smoked and darkened to reflect the sportiness of the car.

So does it exude pure muscle or just looks plain brutal? In our opinion, the front facade of the RS6 Avant, with its massive 21″ forged rims portrays a mixed image of power and refinement. It is something that undoubtedly, you would give a second take if you’re looking at running the quarter mile race with.

But measuring at 4,979 mm in length, the RS6 Avant is surprisingly easy to maneuver. Yes, you might face a bit of issues reversing the wagon into your typical HDB parking lot, but for the rest of the time, cruising even in the tightest of traffic proved to be much of a breeze.

Same old brand new interior


Apart from minor tweaks to the Audi’s Multi-Media Interface (MMI) system, the RS6 Avant retains most of its interior design and features from its predecessor.

We were fascinated with the perfect mix of carbon-fibre trims and leather, not to mention that the seats were more than comfortable for a car this fierce. Apart from the special trims and honeycomb-patterned seats, Audi also offers subtle bits of identification that this is no ordinary quattro you’re driving, such as the RS badges on the gear knob, steering wheel, and the dashboard.

It’s also important to note that the RS6 Avant sits four adults comfortably at the rear, though it might have been configured for three. Owning it also means that you enjoy up to 1,680 litres of boot space.

With power, agility, and style


It looks massive, but the 3,993-cc RS6 Avant isn’t exactly that cumbersome to handle. On the contrary, we felt it was impressively nimble to maneuver around.

Weighing close to 2 tonnes (factory figures read its kerb weight as 1,935 kg), this V8 monster will show you the meaning of power and agility even with its heavy body frame. It catapults you to the century mark in just 3.9 seconds.

With your foot planted, you enjoy a massive 700 Nm of torque, easily trashing any other ordinary cars on the roads, petrol or diesel. With 560 horses coming from the engine, and Audi’s 8-speed Tiptronic transmission system, the RS6 Avant’s gear changes are seamless and fleetingly fast as they climb through the numbers.

While Audi’s are generally known to have very slight steering, the RS6 Avant’s steering rack feels reasonably weighted and controlled, allowing you to corner with confidence and ease.

And of course, bearing a quattro badge on your Audi means you can confidently blast through puddles of water even in heavy downpours without losing traction.

So is it worth the money?


Priced at close to S$530 grand, one would admit that there are many other supercars out there that may bring more adrenaline and agility compared to a 1.9 tonne continental wagon.

But think a realm deeper and you might soon realise that this is probably one of the better options that will give you the space, the power, the agility, and the style.


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