Infiniti Q70 Premium 2.5 V6: To Infiniti and Beyond

When we drove the Infiniti Q50 Sport a while back, we were amazed by the level of comfort, as well as the technology heaped onto the mid-range sedan. Its engine packed a punch, leaning toward the sporty side of driving adventures.

But for those who aren’t interested in sportiness and turbo charged engines, the facelifted Q70 presents a different level of luxury and comfort in the Japanese sedan market.



A glance at the facelifted Q70 and we thought we were looking at its smaller sibling – the Q50. After all, you’ll find familiar curves and aesthetic styling on the Q70 similar to that of the Q50.

But that doesn’t mean that the Q70 is an exact replica of its brother. There is significantly more chrome plates on the Q70, boosting its overall luxury appeal. The rear tail lamps have also been tweaked to reflect sleeker LED strips.

As compared to its predecessor, the new Q70 now boasts a more muscular look, with flared wheel arches, a more wavy side profile, and at the same time, incorporating Infiniti’s signature honeycomb chrome-lined grille up front.



While the Q50 showered us with loads of technology to play with, they were embedded somewhat into the two huge infotainment screens right in the center console.

The Q70 presents a more practical outlook – it portrays an array of buttons on the center console just below the air-conditioning vents and the 8-inch infotainment screen, allowing you to toggle from the navigation system to the Bluetooth telephony system and the climate controls.

The seats of the Q70 are wrapped in fine leather, complete with a heating function in both front seats. Not that it’s useful in tropical Singapore, and we thought a seat cooling system would be more appropriate.

Over at the rear, the Q70 fits the criteria of those looking for a comfortable and luxurious family sedan to ferry three adults at the back. Legroom is aplenty in this 4,945 mm long sedan.

The Drive


The Q70 houses one of the few remaining naturally aspirated V6 plants in the market now. Mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission box, the Q70 puts out 220 horses and 253 Nm of torque.

As a luxury sedan, it doesn’t get you to the century mark as fast as an AMG or an M-sedan would (doing the job in 9.2 seconds). But its rear wheel drive technology ensures that you don’t get overcompensated when handling corners, and at the same time, maintaining that level of comfort in the rear cabin.

The Q70 cruises on the highways extremely well. At high speeds, we were impressed by the level of refinement and smoothness in the drive, from both the passenger and the driver’s perspective. The damping works reasonably well too, and you could maintain a normal conversation without having to worry about your Starbucks latte spilling over as a result of uneven roads.

When pushed hard, the 2,496 cc plant produces the all-too-familiar V6 growl – not as deep as we would like it to be, but sufficient to tell its prowess, and for once, it sounds nice to the ears. But unfortunately, as nice as any naturally aspirated V6 would sound, you wouldn’t get the split second acceleration a turbo plant would offer you.

The local market offers the base 2.5 litre variant as standard, with an option for you to order a 3.0 litre hybrid plant to sooth your environmentally-friendly inner self. There’s also an option for the top of range 3.7 litre variant, which offers you almost the same features and shell, just with more adrenaline pumping.



At over S$230,000 for the 2.5 litre variant, some would consider the Q70 a little too pricey. After all, Infiniti is known as the premium Nissan badge, the same how Lexus is recognized as that of Toyota.

But putting these premiums aside and diving into the car itself, we thought the price was justifiable, simply by the sheer improvement as compared to perhaps what a Teana could offer.


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