Mercedes-Benz C63S AMG: Shooting Star

After launching a spate of 45 AMGs (the A, CLA, and GLA), Mercedes-Benz finally unveiled the much anticipated C63S AMG, completing the entry-level luxury sedan line-up in the German marque’s family.

The old C63 was impressive in its own way. Without a turbocharger, it was easily one of the best naturally aspirated power horse in our opinion. But with the advancement of technology, nearly every other sedan on the road comes plugged with a turbocharger.

The C63S is no different. And it is, of course, amazing and attractive in its own way.

It doesn’t really look very fierce, no?


Unfortunately, we have to agree with this. AMGs have never been outstanding in their aesthetics department, and it doesn’t help that the normal variants now get options to beef up their looks with AMG kits offered by the dealers.

But a true enthusiast (and a die-hard Merc fan) would easily spot this amongst a row of W205 C-Classes. Up front, you get a twin-strip chromed grille, complete with a subtle yet telling AMG badge.

The Edition 1 package also features red strips surrounding the radiator grille as well as the wing mirrors, a touch of sportiness on the otherwise normal-looking sedan. The C63S also packs a mean V8 Bi-Turbo badge just above its front wheel arches, a tell-tale sign that this is one monster you shouldn’t mess with.

Come over to the back and you’ll realise the car tells more about its prowess. Unless you choose to de-badge (which we don’t see why anyone would do so), the boot lid proudly displays the C63S and AMG badge, complimented with AMG’s quad exhaust pipes at the bottom.

We were told that the C63S measures 54 mm longer than its W205 brother, as well as housing a wider front track and obviously, wider tyres. Small little details which you wouldn’t really notice unless you study the brochure carefully.

Does it feel as luxurious inside as the W205 C-Class?


You bet it does. Yes, you get most of the trimmings that an ordinary C-Class would get, with additional AMG add-ons and finishings to compliment the badge the car is wearing.

Being the top-of-range C-Class, the C63S packs a wide array of features, ranging from the BURMESTER surround sound system, the piano-black sleek center track-pad console, and the 12.2 inch touchscreen COMAND infotainment system.

The C63S is rightfully fitted with AMG sports seat, although we much prefer the plush comfort of those on the normal C250. Over at the rear, the C63S sits three adults comfortably, though you might not want to push the car hard on that load.

A boot space of up to 480 litres will also mean that the C63S can function as your daily family car in carrying luggages ranging from golf bags to strollers and even groceries from your nearby Cold Storage supermarket.

So how does it fire up and drive?


It being an AMG, you wouldn’t expect anything quiet like the W222 S-Class. Push the start-stop button and the V8 roars to life (for the best quality “music” to your ears, try it in a basement car park where there’re maximum reverberation). Sweet!

Beneath the hood, the V8 turbo-charged plant (painstakingly carved and built by hand) puts out a whopping 503 horses and 700 Nm of torque, sufficient for you to fly ahead of most cars on the roads. The tamed down C63 variant provides you with 469 horses and 650 Nm of torque – almost the same, but not quite there.

AMG’s adaptive suspension also offers you a smooth and comfortable ride, where gear changes in the AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 7-speed transmission are seamless. We can’t say it’s unnoticeable, thanks or no thanks to the blip of the engine note if you plant pedal to the metal.

Impressively, we thought that the C63S handled as well as, if not better, than its German competitors – something which rivals have proudly proclaimed their superiority over the three-pointed star for years. The C63S takes corners swiftly and responsively, and there’s minimal over or under steering even when you yank the wheel to bring it across that 90 degree turn.

And if you’re in for a bit more oomph in your ride, the optional Performance exhaust system allows you to open up the flaps in the mufflers, giving you a much louder roar when you blip the pedal. For maximum effect, push it to Race mode, sit back, and enjoy sound of music.

Is it worth it to spend close to half a million on this?


If you’re contemplating buying an entry-level continental performance car, the market now offers you an extra option for consideration apart from your M or your RS series.

The C63S, in our opinion, is a technological marvel and a power-hungry machine. Yes it has its down sides, it can cruise as smoothly as any other normal sedan on the roads, but it can also bring you adrenaline rushes so great you’ll probably never regret parting your money for one.


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