Mazda 6 2.5 R Luxury: The Fantastic Six

When we first drove the old Mazda 6 SP, we found it befitting of the dealership’s tagline – Zoom Zoom. After all, it exhibited impressive handling and responsiveness, albeit it drinking like a horse.

Two generations later, the Japanese marque has released something that we dare say captivated our hearts and made us think twice about the comfort and luxury that even Lexus provides. The facelifted Mazda 6, in our opinion, is perhaps one of the most user-friendly, intuitive, and comfortable Japanese sedan you could ever find.



Truth be told, a look around the Japanese mid-range luxury sedans and you’ll realise that the Mazda 6 stands out. Not that of a sore thumb, but rather, in a more attractive and visually appealing way.

This facelift variant now provides you with a more aggressive yet stylish front grille, complimented with a continuous chrome strip, as well as  Mazda’s signature LED daytime running lights. Other than the 2.0 Standard, all other variants give you the luxury of bi-xenon headlamps.

Across the profile of this 4,865 mm long sedan, the Mazda 6 presents a curved roof arch, perfect enough to fit in an actually operational sunroof, yet maintaining its sleek visual appeal.

At the rear, Mazda incorporated newly-designed LED tail lamps, tying in line with the rest in its family line, allowing you to easily identify the marque from a distance.



The biggest aesthetic change in this new facelift probably lies in its cabin. The Mazda 6 now looks more luxurious, with new gadgets and features heaped into the car compared to those found in its predecessor.

Up front, Mazda offers a new 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system that stands up in the middle of the dash, reminding us ironically of BMW’s iDrive.

What we found impressive was the intuitive MZD Connect multimedia system offered. The rotary knob was extremely easy to use, and navigating amongst the features offered within the system was a breeze.

We love the Mazda 6 partially because of the vast amount of technology and features it offers, ranging from an automatic start/stop feature to an electronic parking brake and even heads-up display, it truly is your one-stop Japanese luxury sedan.

The Mazda 6’s rear sits three full grown adults comfortably, although we dare say two would make a much more comfortable ride. Rear air conditioning vents are standard, and leg room was more than adequate even with a 1.8 metre tall driver in the front.

The Drive


It is unfortunate that society holds the perception that Mazda engines are extremely fuel-consuming. Perhaps that might stand true for the MSP variants (which we ironically liked), but the recent SkyActiv-G technology should prove these distortions wrong.

Producing 189 horses and 256 Nm of torque, the 2,488 cc naturally aspirated plant takes you off from the lights faster than the usual Japanese sedan, though we wouldn’t say it would trash your continental giants. The Mazda 6 will bring you to the century mark in 8.2 seconds, although we got a 9.3 second figure on our test.

Putting acceleration aside, the Mazda 6 presented us with a significantly softer ride, smoothing out the bumps and holes on roads to deliver what we dare say a near-perfect ride in any Japanese saloon.

Mazda also presents you with the option of engaging its Sport mode, which basically drags your gear longer to achieve that oomph you’d get. It didn’t help much with our drive, and we thought that it drank more of our petrol more than deliver any adrenaline as promised.

But push the car hard and you get dynamic responses, sufficiently enough for a car this size. The car handled corners well, although we should caution that a luxury sedan like this shouldn’t be brought around South Buona Vista hard.



The Japanese car market has seen three variants of Mazda 6, as well as its improvements from when the first 6 was launched in 2002, all the way till this new 2015 facelift.

We were thoroughly impressed by this Japanese sedan. And just maybe, for those who would still harbor fears and misconceptions about Mazda’s quality and engine built, a ride in the facelifted 6 should reassure you otherwise.

But all in all, this truly is one of the best Japanese luxury sedans we’ve ever driven. It looks nice, drives well, and rides extremely comfortably.

This, is probably a mix of everything you could ask for.


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