Exclusive Preview: BMW G11 7-Series

Now where do we begin? To tell of a marque’s gorgeous new vehicle flagship, a technology leader, an innovation platform, a showcase of superlative luxury and comfort, and yet, a real driver’s car. The new BMW G11 7-Series is a sculptured work of art, embodying talent, passion, and innovation. It is the re-definition of freed am fahren – sheer driving pleasure.

The First Impression

Photo 10-9-15, 18 46 11

We walked into the hush of the softly lit preview lounge at Performance Motors Limited, and for an exquisite breath-taking moment, paused to gaze upon the brand new 7-Series. The primary visual cues were all present – from the distinctive front kidney grilles (which open and close automatically to reduce drag), to the Hofmeister kink at the rear, complimented by a single chrome strip.

Dynamic symmetry was perfected by sleek chrome-framed Air Breathers aft of the front wheel arches, and floating designed wing mirrors mounted on slender arms, running across the length of both front doors.

So how does it feel?

Photo 10-9-15, 18 41 40

The G11’s body frame is built using light-weight carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), with its interior featuring a seamless transition from leather to wood, and wood to metal and glass. The new G11 features a Sky Lounge illuminated panoramic dual glass sunroof for the driver and rear passengers, as well as the ability to fold the front passenger seat forward to reveal an astounding sense of space.

Photo 10-9-15, 18 42 44

At the rear, passengers get access to the Android-based BMW Touch Command for the higher end variants. At the touch of a switch on the rear passenger doors, electronically operated privacy screens unfurl from the window recesses, coming in useful when faced with direct sunlight.

With a legroom equivalent of that on its three-pointed star competitor’s flagship, the new 7-Series is an oasis of comfort, providing the well-insulated cocoon with mood lighting. It is perhaps the perfect office-on-wheels, or even doubling up as your second living room.


Photo 10-9-15, 18 46 30

At first glance, one may not think much of the new G11. But taking in second or third looks, we were impressed. Our appetites have been whet. And we now anticipate the drive.

The new G11 7-Series is now tucked safely away in cold storage, and will not be seen again until it is unveiled officially come November.

This is, perhaps, the first BMW that we thought could stand on par with the S-Class. It is, by far, sheer driving pleasure redefined.

Feature photo courtesy of BMWBlog.com


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