Official launch: Renault Clio 1.5 dCi

Mention Renault and you may instantly recall both the Clio and the Megane. After all, these two names were the more popular ones amongst the French automotive family fleet.

Today, we see the introduction of Renault’s new Clio, featuring class-leading highlights and at the same time, appealing to your sporty senses.


The new Clio now comes with Renault’s distinctive glossy black radiator grille, a striking new front-end design now found on every single Renault car. Coupled with LED daytime running lights, the front facade of this five-door hatch now adopts a more dynamic stance and looks more balanced compared to its predecessor.

Over at the rear, the Clio offers a sportier tailgate spoiler, as well as concealed rear door handles to enhance its coupe look.


With an increase in front and rear tracks by 34 and 36 mm respectively, the new Clio offers a larger and more comfortable interior space. You might feel that the Clio’s cabin looks somewhat similar to the rest in its family fleet.

While it might just be so in looking the same as the other Renaults, the Clio presents you with a bovine leather steering wheel, as well as dark contrasted carbon seats with white stitching in an enhanced sportiness effect.

The boot of the Renault Clio swallows up to 300 litres of luggage space, and is touted as the biggest in its class. Not too bad, we must say, considering that its competitors measure up to around 280 litres at best.

The Engine

With a new 1,461 cc turbocharged diesel plant, the Clio is capable of putting out 88 horses. It’s not a lot, but thanks to its 220 Nm of torque and the diesel pull, you get to the century sprint mark in 12.9 seconds.

The impressive point here lies not in its torque or performance, but rather, the segment leading fuel efficiency of the Clio. On paper, this hot hatch manages 3.7 litres per 100 kilometers, and coupled with the lowest carbon dioxide emissions at 95g/km, it probably ends up as the best in its class when you speak of being fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

The Gadgets

Of course, the Clio doesn’t forget the tech geek in some of us. It is equipped with most features you would be able to find on a mid-range continental sedan, including keyless entry (with a walk-away auto lock feature), R-Link infotainment system complete with Bluetooth capability and GPS navigation, cruise control and speed limiter, as well as an auto start/stop button. No it doesn’t come with a sunroof, but that list above should keep you busy for a while.

Pricing and Availability

The new Renault Clio is now available at Renault (Wearnes Singapore), and is priced from S$99,999. Prices are correct at time of press.


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