Official Launch: Volkswagen Touareg

With the massive line-up of cars scheduled to make their debut appearances this year, car buyers are definitely spoilt for choice. From the works of the family sedan to a more adventurous off-roader, or even a bold crossover/coupe, the motoring industry in Singapore offers you more than a handful of choices (let’s not talk about COE now, shall we?) to pick from.

We drove the old Volkswagen Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI a while back, and were amazed at its sheer size as well as its immense torque and ability to handle the most difficult of bends on the roads. Today, we see the introduction of the facelifted Volkswagen Touareg.

Der neue Volkswagen TouaregExterior

Yes, the new Touareg is as massive as its predecessor. But highlights from this new off-roader include a brand new front facade, with Volkswagen’s new grille and bi-xenon headlamps incorporated into it.

Although Volkswagen claims the new headlamps are larger than the old ones, we thought they lacked that little bit of muscularity and aggression we found attractive on the old Touareg. And instead of two chrome slats across its front, we now enjoy four, visibly widening this SUV.

Over at the rear, the common by-stander would perhaps not be able to distinguish between the old and the new. The rear fog lamps and reflectors now sit in the bumper, and the brake lights emit a slightly more sharpened character line compared to its predecessor. Of course, to maintain consistency with the amount of chrome you’d find at the front, Volkswagen paired its rear up with a significant chrome strip running across the rear just above the reflectors.


Touareg interior_03The new Touareg’s interior still looks as solid as ever. You won’t expect any strong curves given the emphasis on the car’s muscularity. The Touareg’s signature aluminum switches remain, now illuminated in white instead of red previously. Volkswagen has also apparently changed all ambient lighting to white (rather than the stock yellowish-shade from earlier generations).


One new technological highlight would be the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System, where the vehicle automatically slows down upon impact to significantly reduce the residue kinetic energy.

Similar to other SUVs or larger vehicles on the roads, the Touareg comes fitted with Area View, transmitting images from four cameras around the vehicle to give you a top down visual.


Adventure-seekers can now choose between the V6 FSI petrol engine or the V6 TDI diesel plant. The former puts out 280 horses at 360 Nm of torque, while the diesel variant gives you 245 horses at a whopping 550 Nm of torque.

Both variants come standard with a 8-speed automatic transmission, and it being an off-roader contender, you should not be surprised at the permanent four-wheel drive system (4MOTION) that comes standard with it.

Der neue Volkswagen Touareg


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