Official launch: Volkswagen Jetta

2015 has seen an enormous line-up of cars to be launched, ranging from coupes, hot hatches, sedans… the works! It then comes as no surprise with Volkswagen catching up on the unveiling game by launching the new Jetta.

Touted as one of the world’s most successful sedans (especially in the Volkswagen Group), it is no doubt that our local drivers have taken a liking to the four-door, conventional, family-oriented, fuel-saving and yet responsive sedan.

One thing that we thought upon first glance at the new Jetta – it doesn’t really stand out that much based on aesthetics alone, but a read through its new specs and features might just change your perception.

Boasting a new front and rear design, buyers can now opt for features such as optional new xenon headlamps and LED tail lights – something which its predecessor failed to provide and resulted in many aftermarket additions. The interior welcomes you with a new steering, instruments, and even fresh accents as claimed by Volkswagen.

Jetta interior1


Those familiar with the market would know that Volkswagen recently scrapped the old Comfort and Sport range of the Jetta, leaving buyers with only a choice of the Highline variant.

With the new Jetta, you can now choose between the Trendline, the Highline, the Sportline, and the top-of-range Sport. And yes, for the ease of reading, we’ve compiled a table which would be easier than chunks of words for the various lines you’d get on this new Volks.






Highlights – Entry-level

– 6 airbags


– 16” alloy wheels

– “Corn Silk Beige” interior

– Cruise control

– Rain sensing wipers

– Dual-zone climate control

– Multi-function steering wheel

– 17” alloy wheels

– Rear spoiler

– Sports suspension

– Paddle shifters

– “Titan Black” leather upholstery

– Bi-xenon with LED daytime running lights

– 18” alloy wheels

– Vienna leather

– Electronic driver seat


122 PS TSI Twincharger inline-4 engine

160 PS TSI Twincharger inline-4 engine


As of press time, the new Volkswagen Jetta has reached local shores and is expected to be up for sale soon. Prices should be similar to the old Jetta, and if The Straits Times advertises it accurately, you could expect the Jetta to go for approximately $110,000.*

Jetta exterior 21

*Pricing based on advertisement on The Straits Times, 13 March 2015.


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