Nissan Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T – Premium Utility Junior

Japanese motor cars have been known not only for its long-lasting quality and built, but also for its constant strive for the better. Lexus, for one, loads its newest babies with tonnes of technology, from the conventional touch-screen infotainment to even a mouse-controller.

Nissan has not been left out in the game too. No doubt the Japanese marque had a period of bad publicity due to its dated designs and thirsty sedans, but the tides have changed and we now see its cars gleaming with distinctive styling, and if we may say, impressive comfort and reasonable handling.

In 2007, Nissan launched its baby SUV – the Qashqai, a name which took many by surprised and left numerous tongue-tied too. “Karsh…kai?” It wasn’t the nicest looking of all, but it packed a punch for the average Japanese-car family man looking for a utility vehicle. After all, the bigger Murano proved too huge a car to manoeuvre with ease, especially within the tight constraints of your common HDB car parks.


8 years later, the second-generation Qashqai emerged with a stronger appeal against its competitors, boasting a sleeker design, a more refined engine, and of course, in line with Japanese and their consistent strive for technological excellence, many more gadgets to keep you busy and occupied on the roads.

Read more about our review on the new Nissan Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T on!



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