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Nissan Qashqai 1.2 DIG-T – Premium Utility Junior

This new baby Qashqai has proven itself (at least to us) as perhaps one of the better no-frills, entry-level utility vehicle for the family man. With just a 1.2-litre engine but yet delivering such refinement, we might not be surprised that this would probably be one of Nissan’s best-seller.

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The results of the 1st round of February 2015 COE bidding was announced on 4 February 2015. Category QP for Feb 15 Round 1 QP for Jan 15 Round 2 QP for Jan 15 Round 1 A Cars up to 1,600 cc & 130 bhp $62,002 $65,001 $66,010 B Cars above 1,600 cc or 130 bhp $70,890 $76,889 $75,289 C Goods vehicles and buses $52,101 $55,012 $55,011 D

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