The results of the 2nd round of January 2015 COE bidding was announced on 21 January 2015.

Category QP for Jan 15 Round 2 QP for Jan 15Round 1 QP for Dec 14Round 2
A Cars up to 1,600 cc & 130 bhp $65,001 $66,010 $65,889
B Cars above 1,600 cc or 130 bhp $76,889 $75,289 $74,000
C Goods vehicles and buses $55,012 $55,011 $52,100
D Motorcycles $4,889 $4,403 $4,312
E Open $76,790 $75,200 $73,990

*QP: Quota Premium

** Green QPs indicate a drop in COE prices for that category, while red QPs indicate a rise in COE prices for that category

For more information on COE quota and bidding, please visit


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