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The results of the 2nd round of January 2015 COE bidding was announced on 21 January 2015. Category QP for Jan 15 Round 2 QP for Jan 15Round 1 QP for Dec 14Round 2 A Cars up to 1,600 cc & 130 bhp $65,001 $66,010 $65,889 B Cars above 1,600 cc or 130 bhp $76,889 $75,289 $74,000 C Goods vehicles and buses $55,012 $55,011 $52,100 D Motorcycles $4,889 $4,403 $4,312

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Singapore Motorshow 2015: Launch day’s highlights

The Singapore Motorshow 2015 opened today, Thursday, 15 January 2015, showcasing an exciting variety of new models and variants from over 20 different brands. The Revvvolution team has pieced together different snippets of today’s happenings, showcasing launches, new variants, as well as the need-to-know information for your visit to this four-day event. And for those who fancy a little bit

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Singapore Motorshow 2015: New cars launching

Interested in cars, stunt driving, exciting competitions, or looking for family entertainment this coming weekend? Look no more. The upcoming Singapore Motorshow 2015 promises a showcase of over 150 vehicles, including current and concept cars. The show is scheduled to include over 20 car makers unveiling their new models or variants. As per previous Singapore Motorshows, stunt driver Russ Swift will

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