Sneak peek at the all new Mazda 3

A “sneak peek” is probably not the best term to describe this post since spy shots and photos have been circulating around the net for the longest time, but in case you missed it, here’s a look at the all new 2014 Mazda 3.

The new 3 takes it’s cues from it’s older sibling – the Mazda 6, evident from it’s styling curves and designs. I must admit this car is perhaps one of the very few curvy sedans on the road, on par with that of the Hyundai Elantra.

Sedan Front

I thought that it bore too much of a resemblance to the 6, but I guess only time will tell when the car finally reaches the shores of Singapore next year.

Sedan RearMazda now offers two variants for those who cannot decide: a normal sedan and a hatch-back. Personally, I am not a fan of hatches but the 3-Hatch looks amazingly spacious.

Hatch RearAnd beneath the curves of the 3, Mazda has apparently incorporated some of the latest technology into this new machine. It now has a totally revamped interior, so much better than the plain and boring one of the old 3.

Dash and HUDOne of the added features include a Heads-up Display just above the dash, a feature that is becoming more and more common in cars. The dashboard also has a new look, with what I presume would be a digital speedometer (perhaps there is an option to switch it back to the traditional dials?

NaviCommIn a bid to step up to it’s competitors, Mazda now offers what they term as a Commander Control, turning your entire cabin (or even the car) into something you can just control and change at your fingertips. The Mazda Connect infotainment system features communications capabilities (presumably Bluetooth and speed dialing?), and also satellite navigation (hopefully Mazda Singapore will bring that in).

LEDThere’re not much changes in the exterior of the car, and one of Mazda’s signature marks now would be the HID head lamps adapted from all the current line of cars Mazda is pushing out. Glad to see the halogen bulb slowly being phased out. *It should have been done so long ago pfft.


Beneath the hood of the 3 lies a new SkyActiv-G 1,496 cc engine, with Mazda claiming that it is 27% more fuel efficient compared to it’s predecessor. Those looking out for a oomph during your drive will be glad to know that the 120 horsepower engine is apparently 14% more powerful compared to the old car too. At 150 Nm of torque, there is also much to be expected, seen and felt when it comes to take off at the lights.

They say pictures tell a thousand words, but I believe for cars, the determining factor can never be based on what you see on the internet, but rather what you feel when you are behind the wheel. For that, I reserve judgement on the new 3 until it arrives on Singapore’s shores.


The new Mazda 3 will be arriving in Singapore on Q1, 2014.

*All photographs courtesy of the Internet and Mazda.


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